Article Rewrite Tool Review

article rewrite tool review

Looking for an article rewrite tool review, you might have been finding one that’s appropriate for writing or rewriting service – one to transform an old blog post or article into a new version for marketing. The Article Rewrite Tool is one of those. You can use this rewording tool to speed up your content creation process. With it, you don’t need to conduct a new research and spend time in writing.  It is also ideal for students and professional writers who want to save money because it is free to use and no download needed.

How to Use Article Rewrite Tool

Using the best paraphrasing tool is easy. You don’t have to sign up or install it. Just follow these steps.

  • Go to Article Rewriter Tool.
  • Type your text or copy and paste it in the box.
  • Answer the math question.
  • Click “rewrite text”.
  • Get the results.


  • Free: It is a free auto paraphrasing tool to use anytime and no matter the length of the text to rewrite.
  • Online-based: The product does not require a download or installation on your PC or mobile device. It can be used directly from your browser. You can simply copy and paste your text, and let it do the work for you.
  • Instant results: You don’t have to wait long before getting your results. It can be within seconds depending on the length of your text.


  • It is not as accurate as a human rewriting service. Only a human has the ability to understand the meaning of the text as used in the sentence or paragraph.
  • It just changes the words into their synonyms.

The best paraphrasing tool is easy to use, convenient and free. This online automatic paraphrasing tool does not require downloading or installing. It is ideal for anyone looking to get a new version of text right away.

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