Handy Man Dan Review

handy man dan review

Handy Man Dan is a paraphrase self-test tool. It is quite different from the rest we’ve reviewed. The tool is a good one for practicing and improving your rewriting abilities and skills.  It does not cost a centavo to use and continue using it. The best online paraphrasing tool does not require download or installation too. Read on this Handy Man Dan review for more information about it.

How to Use Handy Man Dan

The tool is practice software for people who want to improve rewriting and comprehension skills. Check out the following for the easy steps on how it works.

  • Go to Handy Man Dan.
  • Perform a paraphrase self-test by typing text on the box provided.
  • Start paraphrasing with your own words.
  • Check and compare to find out if you have used any overlapping words or language.  Choose from two different ways to spot the differences. You can also see how plain text would look like.


  • The best paraphrasing tool works in an instant. You don’t have to wait long until you get the results you’re looking for. It can help students practice their rewriting skills and improve their thinking skills as well.
  • It is ideal even for teachers and students.


  • The online automatic paraphrasing tool cannot guarantee quality results.
  • Users must not rely on it 100%. Nothing still beats a human rewriter, who can capture the meaning of the original and rewrite it in the best manner possible.

Using the online automatic paraphrasing tool is convenient and easy. Users do not have to become a member, pay for a membership or install it on their PC or device. However, this rewording tool is not also 100% accurate, and instead of practicing your skills with a coach or service can be a better route in improving your comprehension and rewriting skills.

Learn more about this tool from Handy Man Dan review today!