Small SEO Toolz Review

small seo toolz review

This Small SEO Toolz review will help you learn more about the tool for rewriting. It will provide you with a brief information on what to know about its working and its pros and cons.  Generally, the tool works like any other tools for rewriting. It makes use of a synonym generator to change words into their synonyms. This handy tool for paraphrasing is free to use and does not require downloading.

How to Use the Small SEO Toolz

  • Go to the Small SEO Toolz.
  • Paste the article in the box provided. Begin with a high-quality content to spin for the best results.
  • Press the button provided to let it start scanning through your content. The tool will replace words with substitutes or synonyms. The words will appear highlighted and bold in a colorful text.
  • Click on a word to see details about the original word along with suggestions. You can add your own word. If you click on the original word, it is what will appear on the content.
  • Copy and paste the results in your word processing tool.
  • Edit it before publishing or submission.


  • The free online paraphrasing tool is convenient and handy. It can be used anywhere you’re connected on the web.
  • This paraphrasing tool online free does not require membership or monthly payments.


  • The tool must not be used to spin content multiple times, or else your site will be flagged for spamming or providing no real value to readers.
  • The professional paraphrasing tool cannot guarantee quality results. You should still practice sound judgment when using it.

While using the professional paraphrasing tool is easy, fast and convenient, you should not rely on it 100%. Nothing still beats a human rewriting service. Only a pro can rewrite content with quality and accuracy in grammar and same message as the original text.

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